Localization Services

Our Afghanistan team of experts are Dr Jawad Hassan Zadeh BSc (Hons), B.A., LLM, PhD, with 25 years of Afghanistan experience and 12 years of experience as an Expert Witness in the UK and Mir Abas MSc, MITI, a former Afghan diplomat and a professional linguist with decades of Afghanistan experience; provide expert reports on Afghanistan in the following areas:

  • country expert reports (covering all aspects of Afghanistan)
  • document authentication
  • language expert reports (Farsi, Dari, Pashto, English languages only)
  • nationality assessments

    Our Iranian Expert Witness is Mr Shafigh Shahidzadeh B.A., LL.B, with years of experience on Iranian affairs; verification of Iranian documents as well as linguistic reports on disputed matters arising from Farsi and English documents.


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