Hand-picked translators, native speakers of the language they translate into

Translation (the written rendering of a message from one language into another) can be:

  • Human translation – the translation is carried out by a professional translator, with the right skills and experience; it is more expensive than other types of translation, but it is also the best one if you want to ensure your text is rendered flawlessly; suitable for when you must make absolutely sure that your message isn’t lost on the reader
  • Automated translation – as the name suggests, it is done automatically (Google Translate for example); the main advantage is that it is free and instant; however, it is only suitable if you want to get the gist of a text (for example, if you want to understand a newspaper article or a tweet), but is never suitable for your website, contracts or brochures
  • Computer-aided translation – performed by a translator with the help of special software which helps maintain consistency of terminology and the daily output; however, this is mainly useful for large projects and in certain fields (medical, technical, financial etc.) or where there are a lot of repeat phrases; it does not help with marketing texts or literature for example.

We only offer human translation, as we believe that our clients deserve the highest quality. Where possible, our translators will use CAT tools to ensure consistency of terminology and discounts may be applicable for repetitions.

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